Investment Strategies

At Vining Sparks, we are committed to providing institutional investors with investment strategies centered on our customer’s investing needs. To accomplish this, we compliment our analytic systems and reporting capabilities with our Investment Strategies Department whose primary focus is adding value by providing insight, analysis, and recommendations. These recommendations are driven by your needs, objectives and constraints rather than a particular product or service. 

While some firms utilize research and strategies as a means of pushing products, we begin with your needs and then seek products and strategies which assist you in achieving optimum performance within the risk constraints prescribed. Because each customer has needs and objectives which are unique while sharing similarities with others, we have staffed the Investment Strategies Department with professionals of diverse skills and backgrounds which come together to serve you. With CPAs, CFAs, former portfolio managers, and tenured strategists, you can count on having professionals who are interested in providing thoughtful, informed recommendations based on your needs and detailed analysis. 

While experience is certainly an asset in delivering customer-centered strategies, one critical component of adding value through investment strategies is analytics. We have an array of analytical tools which are used to develop informed recommendations and analysis.

Bond Swap System

While some transactions require little analysis to quantify their economic benefits, many transactions are not as easily analyzed. Our Bond Swap System can analyze any number of buys and sells of fixed income securities. In addition to handling securities of varying cash flow structures, it also considers differing tax treatment, both federal and state (under your guidance). After computing cash flows on the securities, the model considers, on a daily basis, cash flow variances between the buys and sells in order to ensure that all aspects of the transaction are analyzed. The results quantify the economic impact of the transaction including break-even period and monthly or annual income impacts.

Proprietary Models

For many securities, transactions and circumstances, we have found no off-the-shelf means of accurately and completely performing analysis whether through Bloomberg or elsewhere. When that is the case, we often turn to proprietary models for assistance. Examples include leverage transactions, branch/deposit acquisitions, certain tax considerations, preferred stocks, callable securities, ARMs and other mortgage products, and SBA products. In addition, we frequently find that a customer’s unique needs require a unique response.

Regulatory / Accounting

Through our history of monitoring regulatory and accounting issues and close ties to regulators, we have provided regulatory and accounting research and information relating to both investments and interest rate risk management. We recognize that regulatory issues, liquidity needs, pledging, tax issues, and interest rate risk serve as the primary constraints within which depository institutions must manage their investment portfolio.For additional information, please contact your Vining Sparks account representative or Randy Wade at 800-829-0321.