Speaker's Bureau

Vining Sparks' is pleased to offer its professional staff for speaking engagements related to our customers and their business. We are just as comfortable providing speakers at large conventions and trade organization meetings as small business lunches. We do not charge a speaking fee, but do request reimbursement for travel expenses. See below for information regarding our speakers and topics.


Katharine Bray

Katharine’s early career as a bank professional gives her a unique perspective on the needs of Vining Sparks’ derivative clients. She is the perfect speaker for those looking to understand “real world” applications of derivative products and strategies. More

Dudley Carter
Dudley Carter is an Economist for Vining Sparks. Dudley writes daily commentary covering the U.S. and global financial markets, as well as foreign economic developments.  He also assists with the projection and publication of Vining Sparks’ economic and interest rate forecasts and contributes to research articles for Vining Sparks. More

John Crawford

As the head of Vining Sparks Strategic Solutions Group, John is able to address a range of services including Loan Trading, Interest Rate Products and Asset Management. His broad financial services experience makes him an excellent choice for meetings involving Senior Management and/or Boards of Directors. More

Craig Dismuke

Craig Dismuke is the Chief Economist for Vining Sparks. Craig is responsible for the projection and publication of Vining Sparks' economic and interest rate forecasts. He evaluates economic developments and fixed income sector performance to identify risks and opportunities within the U.S. market. Craig publishes research articles for Vining Sparks as well as other national publications. More

Michael Erhardt

Michael S. Erhardt is a Senior Vice President in the Investment Strategies Group at Vining Sparks. He works closely with financial institutions on balance sheet and investment portfolio strategies, liquidity management, evaluation of asset/liability exposure, and liability and loan pricing. More

Mark Evans

Mark has been with Vining Sparks since 1994 and is currently Director of Trading. Mark previously directed the Investment Strategies Department, a group that provides research and technical assistance to the firm’s customers and sales representatives. More

Thomas R. Mecredy

Tom is Senior Vice President with Vining Sparks Community Bank Advisory Group in Austin, Texas. The group provides comprehensive financial advisory services to financial institutions throughout the U.S. including merger and acquisition advice, bank stock valuations, and capital formation assistance. More

Demetri Patikas

Before coming to Vining Sparks, Demetri most recently served as President and CEO of Duncan Williams Asset Management.  Prior to that role, he held various positions at Duncan-Williams, Inc. including that of executive vice president of the Private Client Group and head of the firm’s Corporate Strategies Group. More

James Plunkett
James is currently Director of Investment Product Strategies. James’ extensive experience on the “buy” side as well as the “sell” side make him an excellent speaking choice for groups wanting practical solutions and advice. As the former manager of a portfolio totaling $8 billion, James understands all aspects of portfolio and risk management. More

Rick Redmond

Rick is Director of Balance Sheet Strategies at Vining Sparks. Rick has worked for and with financial institutions his entire career. As the head of Vining Sparks’ Interest Rate Products group, his current responsibilities combined with his prior experiences make him an excellent speaker to address derivative products and their use in managing risk. More

Greg Roll

Greg Roll is a Senior Vice President in the Investment Strategies Group at Vining Sparks, IBG. Greg began working in the depository sector in 1994 managing the strategic planning function for a regional bank. More

David Visinsky

David’s prior roles in investment banking and bank Treasury departments give him a unique perspective when dealing with clients of Vining Sparks. As a member of the Loan Trading department, he is able to address a wide range of audiences on comprehensive balance sheet strategies and the benefits and fine details of loan transactions. More

Randy Wade

Randy is the Director of Sales for Vining Sparks' sales force. He formerly headed the firm's Portfolio Strategies group and his wide range of experience makes him an excellent choice for meetings involving Senior Management and/or Boards of Directors. More

Wade Walker

Wade is the director of Vining Sparks’ Loan Trading desk. His career has focused on fixed-income capital markets including loan sales, portfolio purchases, and securitizations. This blend of experience from both the buy-side and sell-side allows him to provide a unique perspective to audiences on the topic of loan trading and portfolio strategies. More