What makes us different?

Vining Sparks occupies a unique position in today’s business world. We are an international company with customers around the world; however, our business focus and efforts are directed toward providing unique products and solutions for our customer base – one investor at a time.

How is this possible? Our culture provides an environment that centers our efforts on customer relationships and satisfaction. Vining Sparks is a limited partnership with the majority of the company owned by its employees. The company’s sole focus is to provide fixed income securities and related services to institutional investors. As such, all of our efforts and resources are directed toward developing tools to help our customer base meet their investment objectives. Our success is directly linked to our customers’ success.

Please look around the website and explore the tools we have developed to help our customers do their job better. You will see the constant theme that each customer’s unique goals and objectives can be met with the combination of our skilled employee base and proprietary services.

All employees are compensated by commission or participate in a profitability bonus pool. This compensation structure, along with the fact we are employee-owned, allows all employees the opportunity to realize the impact of their efforts and experience the pride of contribution. It also produces a team-oriented environment focused on professionalism and customer service. Perhaps the best testimony to the fact Vining Sparks is a great place to work is the fact that we have almost no employee turnover.