About Us

Vining Sparks is nationally recognized as a leading broker/dealer in serving the investment needs of institutional investors. The firm consistently ranks as one of the country’s top 20 underwriters of newly issued agency debt.


Vining Sparks was started in 1981 by Jim Vining, a former officer of the Federal Reserve and Executive Vice President at Union Planters National Bank, to serve the investment and asset/liability needs of community banks. Vining wrote the first computer-based asset/liability model for community banks and integrated it into the decision-making process for investment portfolio management.


Dedicated team of professionals

Vining Sparks now employs more than 300 people in 14 offices across the United States. Our employees come from varied backgrounds and include certified public accountants, chartered financial analysts, former Wall Street professionals, former banking officers and regulators, as well as experts in other industries.

Our assets

Vining Sparks has approximately $100 million in capital, $500 million in average inventory, and an annual trading volume exceeding $150 billion. We transact business with customers located in all 50 states and many foreign countries.


Diverse customer base

We have a continued presence in the banking industry and currently transact securities business with more than 3,500 institutional clients. We also serve hundreds of other clients such as savings and loans, credit unions, municipalities, money managers, trust departments, insurance companies, pension funds, and investment advisors.