Balance Sheet Strategies

Balance sheet strategies is more than a function. It’s the way we do business. Since the 1980s, we’ve worked to expand our product and analytic capabilities. This allows us to provide solutions across your entire balance sheet. In addition to bonds, our product suite includes:

  • Interest rate derivatives
  • Whole loan trading
  • Wholesale funding
  • Bank owned life insurance

Our process begins with listening. We want to identify the issues you face and the opportunities you foresee. Only after gaining that understanding do we begin to vet ideas and design solutions.

At the heart of our analytics is the Performance Architect our real-time, multi-dimensional, decision support system. The Performance Architect:

  1. Incorporates detailed balance sheets, interest rate risk and liquidity information (provided by either our Risk Manager asset/liability management product or your own asset/liability management model)
  2. Utilizes the appropriate balance sheet management products
  3. Presents multiple solutions designed to achieve your goals

The Performance Architect also has several features that make it unique:

  • Online collaboration with the Balance Sheet Strategies team, allowing fine-tuning of solutions
  • Real-time, instrument-level simulations providing instant results
  • Presentation of multiple, alternative solutions on a single, easy-to-comprehend page
  • Summarized pro-forma and incremental results across key performance, risk, liquidity and capital metrics