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Fixed Income Products

We offer fixed income products bankers need to manage risk, enhance profitability and protect capital.


Vining Sparks delivers products and services designed specifically for financial institution portfolios. As a national leader in executing fixed income securities transactions, Vining Sparks is uniquely qualified to provide portfolio managers with opportunities to meet their objectives.

  • Agency debt securities – We are active in agency debt securities, both bullets and callables. Vining Sparks is consistently a top underwriter of agency debt and can help tailor structures to specific investor demands.
  • Mortgage securities – We are most active in agency-backed (FNMA, FHLMC, and GNMA) mortgage related securities including fixed rate MBS, ARMs, CMOs, and multi-family securities.
  • Municipal bonds – Vining Sparks is an underwriter of competitive new issue municipals and is active in the secondary market for bank qualified, general market, and taxable municipal bonds.
  • Small Business Administration securities – As a leading pooler of Small Business Administration loan pools, Vining Sparks is active in the market for SBA loans and securities. Our participation in the SBA market dates back to the inception of the SBA program.
  • Government guaranteed loans – In addition to SBA securities, we actively trade the government guaranteed portions of SBA and USDA loans.
  • Certificates of Deposit – Vining Sparks is actively engaged in the FDIC insured CD market, serving as a place for CD investments as well as assisting issuers with funding needs
  • Corporate Bonds – We trade corporate bonds with a focus on investment grade issues.

Whole Loan Trading

Whether you want to grow your institution’s loan portfolio or you’re looking for sources of liquidity, Vining Sparks’ Loan Trading Group can assist you with the process. By leveraging institutional accounts, we can help meet your goals by making loan portfolio management as efficient as bond portfolio management.

If your institution needs liquidity, loan sales might be a great fit for you. Loan sales:

  • Generate gain-on-sale on high credit quality loans
  • Manage interest rate risk by reducing exposure where appropriate
  • Manage credit risk through strategic sales
  • Improve capital ratios by shrinking the balance sheet

If you have low loan demand and excess liquidity, loan acquisitions provide:

  • Higher returns than organically originated loans, in many cases
  • Faster and more efficient method to grow loan portfolio
  • 100% due diligence prior to funding any purchases

Our group brings more than thirty years of experience in capital markets, including the sale and securitization in excess of $25 billion in loans. We offer:

  • Market intelligence on current trading activity in a wide variety of loan types
  • Structuring, negotiating and placing pools of loans
  • Loan portfolio analysis – by loan type or for entire portfolios
  • Portfolio management strategies that meet your objectives

Brokered CD Issuance

Issuing brokered CDs allows you to lock in long-term liquidity without disrupting local market pricing or paying local market premiums. They are FDIC-insured (based on existing deposit insurance rules), do not require collateralization, and provide a cost-effective source of wholesale funding. Unlike typical retail deposits, which can be redeemed prior to maturity, brokered CDs can be redeemed early only in the event of death or adjudication of insanity.

We have an extensive distribution network to help you issue brokered CDs. Our affiliated swap provider, Vining Sparks Interest Rate Products, LLC, can structure and execute interest rate swaps to create your desired funding profile. Combining brokered CDs and interest rate swaps is a great way to create cost-effective term floating rate funding.

Bank Owned Life Insurance

Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) programs can produce great returns and offset a potential loss of an executive’s services. Our team works with Equias Alliance, LLC to provide an expert look into the varied considerations of a BOLI or non-qualified executive and director benefit plan.

This partnership brings extensive BOLI marketplace experience to the table, along with strong relationships with the majority of BOLI carriers. This business model provides a reliable partner for you to create a plan that’s incredibly beneficial to your institution.

Interest Rate Products

We offer a wide array of interest rate products, including interest rate swaps and options, through our partner company, Vining Sparks Interest Rate Products, LLC (VSIRP).

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