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Vining Sparks’ Culture

Several factors combine to make Vining Sparks a unique company with a culture focused on professional achievement and extreme job satisfaction. We are a limited partnership with our general partner, Mark Medford, filling the role of President/CEO. Our limited partners consist primarily of employees at all levels of the organization. As such, we truly are an employee-owned company.

The fact we are employee-owned gives our employees a different perspective on “work.” Obviously, a work force that has ownership comes to the office each day with an entirely different attitude than someone who just has a “job.” Additionally, Vining Sparks makes corporate decisions differently than a firm that must answer to a parent company or group of shareholders. Our business model experiences varying levels of activity due to its focus on fixed income investing and some firms have an organizational structure that desires predictable levels of activity in all markets. Because our ownership understands the impact of interest rate cycles on fixed income investment activity, we are able to stay focused on long-term objectives instead of short-term decisions to meet short-term goals.

Vining Sparks employs in excess of 300 people. The largest department is our fixed income, institutional sales force, which consists of roughly 165 professionals. These individuals are supported by professionals filling positions in trading, strategies, operations, compliance, and other specialty departments.