Investment Strategies

While some firms utilize research and strategies as a means of pushing products, we begin with what’s important to you. That means we only offer products and strategies that will assist your institution in achieving optimum performance. Because we want to be responsive to your needs, we have professionals of diverse skills and backgrounds, all dedicated to serving you. With CPAs, CFAs, former portfolio managers, and tenured strategists, you can count on having professionals interested in providing thoughtful, informed recommendations based on your needs and detailed analysis.

We also offer an array of analytical tools to help develop informed recommendations and analysis:

    Performance Profile

  • Managing the opportunities and risks in an investment portfolio is challenging enough under the current interest rate environment… but, what happens when rates change? A dynamic rate environment can impact not only the current earnings capability of an investment portfolio, it can impact the duration, market value, and liquidity of the portfolio. Lending to the complexity of the challenge, today’s investment security offerings are diverse with a variety of structures. We have developed the Performance Profile, a detailed report that calculates market risk and expected cash flow for your institution’s portfolio under various interest rate scenarios. We believe the Performance Profile is the ideal summary for portfolio managers to review when considering the opportunities and risks inherent in the investment portfolio.
  • The Performance Profile includes graphs and tables that detail up to date portfolio analytics designed to provide analysis and data for the most pressing portfolio management issues. The analytics are derived using best practice methodologies and industry leading software, such as The Yield Book®.
    Client Access

  • Current and potential clients can access our online proprietary portal that enables institutional investors to access and analyze their institution’s portfolio. The portal provides users with the ability drill down and analyze the portfolio. Available analytics include pricing, cash flow projections, price volatility, and optionality impact calculated using The Yield Book®. Additionally, the portal provides extensive reporting capabilities as well as the ability to download to a spreadsheet, giving almost unlimited opportunities to arrange, sort, and analyze the data.