Sector Update

April 27, 2020

Last week markets were remarkably calm given the disastrous economic news releases. Spreads were generally tighter in the sectors we monitor as well. The calmness and spread tightening are potentially an indication of just how much bad news is already priced into markets. On the flip side, it could also be indicative of how much influence the Fed has over markets currently. In truth, it is certainly a mixture of both. This week we have an FOMC announcement and Q1 GDP to look forward to. There are also more corporate earnings statements on tap. Of interest, Verizon reported that their call volumes are significantly higher, about 800 million phone calls per day. According to Verizon’s CEO, that is double the calls that typically occur just on Mother’s Day happening every day now. So far this morning, stocks are working on erasing last week’s losses, and Treasury yields are generally headed up.

Oil Prices

Not long after we wrote last Monday that the CME Group clarified oil futures can trade negative, it happened. In a day of trading like no one has ever witnessed, the May contract closed at negative $37.63 on Monday. Oil bounced back during the week as contracts rolled closing Friday at $16.94; however, oil is under pressure again this morning. Currently oil is down approximately 25% to $12.62 per barrel for June delivery. Storage capacity continues to diminish. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 60% of U.S. working storage capacity is currently utilized. More importantly, in Cushing, Oklahoma, 76% of capacity is utilized as of April 17th, the prior week it was at 69%. As contract expiration approaches on/around May 19th, it will likely be interesting to watch again.

Mortgage Servicers

Last week we wrote in regard to Mortgage Servicers, “Only time will tell, but as it stands right now, the FHFA is standing against a growing chorus of market participants to do something.” It didn’t take long as the FHFA announced on Tuesday that the “advance obligation limit” for servicers would be capped at 4 months. While it is not the liquidity facility servicers wanted, it does help put a lasso around potential commitments.


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Regulatory Links

FHFA: “No Lump Sum Required at the End of Forbearance” says FHFA’s Calabria

FHFA: Addresses Servicer Liquidity Concerns, Announces Four Month Advance Obligation Limit for Loans in Forbearance

FHFA: Announces that Enterprises will Purchase Qualified Loans in Forbearance to Keep Lending Flowing

Notable news from this past week includes:

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Faced with withering share prices and falling yields on safe government bonds, portfolio managers are seeking out returns in an array of strategies that in some instances take them into esoteric corners of the financial markets.

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Strategic Insight: Potential for Selling Held-to-Maturity Securities for Liquidity Purposes

Based on this guidance from the FDIC, we believe financial institutions that have been negatively impacted by a reduction of liquidity due to COVID-19 may be able to sell securities classified as HTM without tainting a portfolio or jeopardizing the ability to use this classification in the future. However, each bank should check with its financial statement auditor for further clarification.

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Sector Updates

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Market Update

While the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield ended the week near the previous Friday’s level, the 2s10s curve has given up almost all of the steepening observed over the first half of 2021.  The flatter curve reflects a recalibration of expectations for Fed policy following the Fed’s hawkish policy shift at their June meeting.  This week’s […]

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Agency Market Update

In the past month, the highly contagious Delta variant has led to a parabolic surge in cases in the U.S., mimicking the recent waves seen in the U.K. and Israel, despite the strong vaccine penetration in all three nations.  These developments have led to investors seeking safety haven assets like bonds, sending yields steadily lower […]

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Fixed Rate Mortgage Market Update

Current Yield Spreads Concern over the spread of the Delta variant sent the 10-year Treasury down to 1.13% early last week before it recovered to finish the week at 1.28%. MBS yield spreads were mixed on the week.  Spreads on 15-year MBS (1.5s) tightened by 2 bps to 38 bps, while yield spreads on 30-year […]

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Municipal Market Update

In this week’s Municipal Market Update, we highlight the following: Municipal prices strengthened to start last week, were steady across the curve on Tuesday, were mixed on Wednesday and Thursday, and were steady on Friday, as reflected by weekly data for the Municipal Market Data (MMD) Triple-A Scale; also shown are the yields for the […]

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SBA Market Update

Fixed-Rate SBA DCPCs (SBAP) Investor interest in the August fixed-rate SBA DCPC auction next week is expected to remain strong as SBA DCPCs and SBICs offer superior convexity profiles to most residential MBS alternatives. The DCPC auction has priced at historically tight spreads this year; however, spreads widened 13 bps month over month. Supply in […]

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CMO Market Update

Last week’s CMO update discussed how the recent decline in rates could lead to a 1.00% yield becoming less attainable for bonds with a 3-5 year WAL, the portion of the curve in which our customers typically traffic. Our weekly Investment Alternatives Matrix was released the following day (TSY and CMO sections shown below), with […]

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