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April 6, 2020

The big news last week, on the heels of the passage of the $2 Trillion CARES Act, was a provision aimed at helping small business. Called the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), it establishes a pool of funds totaling approximately $349 Billion in loans (which are forgivable under certain circumstances) and is administered under the Small Business Administration’s 7(a) program. We wrote a Strategic Insight that featured the PPP as well as other ways for depositories to defend their bottom lines moving forward. Below I’ve continued a (hopefully) helpful list of links to resources.

ICBA: Detailing the Community Bank Provisions of the CARES Act

SBA: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

SBA: Paycheck Protection Program

FDIC: The FDIC Announces a 30-Day Grace Period for the Call Report for the First Quarter of 2020

Federal Reserve: Agencies announce changes to the community bank leverage ratio (CBLR)

The general mood in markets this morning is one of optimism. So far today, U.S. equity indices have already earned back last week’s losses and tacked on some gains. Treasury yields are up 2-6 bps across the curve. I am certain that as a country we will conquer and rebound from this pandemic but I think it may take longer than we all hope for though for a couple reasons. First, the “cure” for what ails (social distancing) will likely cause continued and probable further economic slowdowns. Second, have we already forgotten the two back-to-back “chart breaking” initial jobless claims numbers? Last week’s 6.6 Million is roughly 10 times that of the previous weekly high during the Financial Crisis. True, continuing claims (3 Million) are “only” 45% of the previous peak of 6.6 Million but it’s safe to assume we’re headed back that direction. Like most businesses, many Americans’ “balance sheets” are not designed to absorb a sudden and totally unexpected loss of revenue. Record stimulus measures will no doubt help ease these burdens, but it takes time and time is of the essence for many Americans.

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Vining Sparks: Defending Your Bottom Line – Phase II: Wholesale Borrowings and Leverage

In terms of depositories defending their bottom lines, Phase I of deploying excess cash seems to be winding down. This Strategic Insight addresses different ways to fund leverages (traditional and otherwise) and uses of those proceeds. Notably, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to be operated under the SBA 7(a) umbrella.

Vining Sparks – Interest Rate Products: Hedging Short-Term or Floating Rate Funding

Here is a presentation explaining a short-term funding hedge strategy. The current dislocation in LIBOR results in a negative funding cost for the first 3-month period (assuming we use 3-month FHLB advances as the borrowing source). Those executing this strategy should expect their funding cost to approximate the fixed rate on the swap plus/minus the normal spread between 3-month LIBOR and their borrowing source. Normal spreads can be seen in the presentation. The presentation also includes information on the accounting for this transaction. Of course we provide all the accounting support.

WSJ: Struggling Borrowers Want to Pause Their Mortgage Payments. It Hasn’t Been Easy.

“That has proved daunting to the companies, many of which are nonbanks and don’t have deposits or other business lines to cushion them. Nonbank lenders originate about 60% of U.S. mortgages.”

WSJ: How the Muni Market Became the Epicenter of the Liquidity Crisis

“Calmed by Congress, muni selling has slowed for now, according to MSRB data. But with a vast chunk of the market sitting in mutual and exchange-traded funds that investors can easily exit, another shock could provoke further outflows, causing prices to plummet again, analysts and money managers said.”

Vining Sparks: Coronavirus Chartbooks

PowerPoint: Coronavirus Chartbook (PWPT)  

PDF/Mobile: Coronavirus Chartbook (PDF/Mobile)

Sector Updates

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Market Update

On the data front last week, retail sales rose a seasonally adjusted 0.7% after rebounding 0.7% in August from July’s 1.8% slide.  As for monetary policy, we expect the Fed to commence asset purchase tapering in November, as indicated in its September meeting minutes.  On the week, yield spreads on Ginnie and conventional ARMs were […]

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Agency Market Update

Treasury yields resumed their march higher last week, at least in the intermediate portion of the curve, as the market continues to price in the Fed moving forward with tapering its asset purchases ahead of eventual rate hikes.  As can be seen in the chart below, the 3-year note moved higher by 11 basis points […]

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Fixed Rate Mortgage Market Update

Current Yield Spreads The Minutes from the Fed’s September meeting confirmed that officials are warming up to announcing their tapering plans soon. Most officials supported a plan developed by Fed staff that “was designed to be simple to communicate and entailed a gradual reduction in the pace of net asset purchases that, if begun later […]

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Municipal Market Update

In this week’s Municipal Market Update, we highlight the following: Municipal prices were steady on Tuesday and Wednesday, mixed on Thursday, and steady again on Friday, as reflected by weekly data for the Municipal Market Data (MMD) Triple-A Scale; also shown are the yields for the Municipal Market Advisors (MMA) Triple-A Scale; New-issue offerings are […]

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SBA Market Update

Fixed-Rate SBA DCPCs (SBAP) Investor interest in fixed-rate SBA product remains strong as SBA DCPCs and SBICs offer superior convexity profiles to most residential MBS alternatives. The DCPC auction has priced at historically tight spreads for much of this year; however, spreads have widened approximately 20 bps since June. Supply in the secondary market for […]

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CMO Market Update

Treasury yields continue to rise, particularly in the 3-5 year portion of the curve where our customers are most active in the CMO sector. As a result, traders observed CMO spreads tighten 2 basis points last week for fixed and floating-rate bonds. For the maturities and structures we monitor, CMO spreads have moved in a […]

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