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February 28, 2022

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Today – Equities fall, yields 8-12 bps lower, volatility continues to rattle markets

Equities rebounded late last week but have since turned back down

Late February rally helping bond returns but still struggling

Upcoming Webinars – (1 hour CPE available, registration opens 2 weeks prior to each webinar)

1/11: 1st Quarter Economic Outlook Webinar ( slides | webinar replay )

2/22 Bank: Positioning the Investment Portfolio for Performance ( slides | webinar replay )

2/24 Credit Union: Positioning the Investment Portfolio for Performance ( slides | webinar replay )

3/8 Bank: Balance Sheet Strategies in an Expected Tightening Cycle (open for registration)

3/10 Credit Union: Balance Sheet Strategies in an Expected Tightening Cycle (open for registration)

4/12 Bank: Interest Rate Swaps, Not Just for Hedging

4/14 Credit Union: Interest Rate Swaps, Not Just for Hedging

Treasury yields hang around pre-pandemic levels

Yield on 10-year back below pre-pandemic levels this morning, 5-year hanging in

Yield on 3-year right at pre-pandemic levels, 2-year turns lower after hitting even on Friday

Curve Shape – 2s5s 5 bps flatter last week, 24 bps flatter YTD through this morning

Curve Shape – 2s10s moves 7 bps flatter last week, 36 bps flatter YTD through this morning

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WSJ: Russia-Ukraine War Risks Putting Fed in Bigger Bind

“Officials will see two important data releases before their next meeting: the February employment report, due this Friday, and the February consumer-price index report on March 10. Further signs of an overheating job market or an acceleration in price pressures—without a further intensification of market disruptions from the conflict in Ukraine—could renew a debate over whether to raise rates by a half point in March.”

Vining Sparks: Strategic Insight: HTM and Other Alternatives

The recent increase in interest rates and discussion of the Fed paring back its QE measures has caused many depository institutions to focus on their exposure to earnings and capital from rising interest rates. There are three primary areas where exposure to rising rates is most easily quantifiable: in net interest income simulations, in economic value of equity (EVE) simulations, and in projected price volatility for the investment portfolio. For institutions beginning to encounter exposure to higher rates, there are several strategic options available to reduce interest rate risk.

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