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November 2, 2020

The Treasury curve was steeper again last week as yields increased. Shorter maturities were unchanged while longer maturities increased by 2-4 bps. The 2-10 spread closed last week 4 bps higher at 72 bps. Even though the 2-10 spread is slightly flatter this morning, the 2-10 spread looks to have pushed out of the range it has occupied for most of the Pandemic. As we have mentioned previously, the greater likelihood of additional stimulus measures and associated increases in borrowings and/or a stronger than expected recovery is likely pushing the curve steeper. As COVID-19 cases both here and abroad continue to push into record territory and new shutdowns are imposed overseas, part of the rationale for a steeper curve is weakened.

Stocks took another hit last week with all three major U.S. equity indices down over at least 5.5%.  Here’s an interesting statistic. According to a WSJ article, last week was only the 17th time since 1962 when the S&P 500 was down on the week and 10-year Treasury yields increased. This surprised me as being that abnormal of an occurrence; however, 2020 is anything but a normal year.

Bond Fundamentals Webinar Series

We’d like to thank everyone who attended last week’s 4-part 2020 Bond Fundamentals webinar series. Both the presentations and a recording of each session are now posted in the Webinar Archive of the online portal (login necessary). If you need to register for access, please click here.

This Morning

Stocks, gauged by S&P 500 Index, continued declines for the second week in a row. So far this morning, all three major U.S. indices are up 0.0% to 1.3%. Treasury yields have given back all last week’s gains and more in some cases and the curve is flatter this morning. The 2-10s is 4 bps lower from the Friday close, currently at 68 bps.

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WSJ: U.S. Bond Yields Climb on Post-Election Outlook

“The S&P 500 posted its worst week since March on Friday, even as the 10-year yield, which rises when bond prices fall, notched a second consecutive weekly gain. It was just the 17th time since 1962 that the 10-year yield increased for the week while the S&P 500 declined, according to Bespoke Investment Group.”

Vining Sparks: Year-End Balance Sheet Management

“As the end of 2020 approaches and preparations for next year begin, we have updated our annual Year-End Checklist to reflect these unique challenges to help with your planning process. Additionally, we have developed several balance sheet and portfolio management strategies for your consideration.”

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